Paper Tweet Activity
Tweet Prompts
  • Describe one way you engage your students?
  • What’s one of your favorite assignments you have completed or facilitated?

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Idea 1 - The Mobile Shift
Graph from

Why should we care about this as educators?

How does this shift affect our curriculum?

Idea 2 - Importance of Writing
Discussion Questions

Why is writing important in our courses?

What role does blogging have in our courses?

How do mobile devices impact blogging?

Integrate Blogging
Exercise Prompt
  1. Outline how you would add a blogging component to your paper tweet example (bonus if it’s mobile blogging).
  2. Submit a summary of your outline as a blog post:

Idea 3 - Student Success
Discussion Questions

How does the nature of the assignment change if it is posted as a blog?

How can blogging be employed to engage students and yield student success?

My Thoughts
  • Egalitarian (financially accessible publishing)
  • Students creating and curating information
  • Publicly documenting learning
  • Potentials of mobile are exciting

Blogging exists at the intersection of:

  • digital literacy
  • metacognitive reflection
  • students as creators
  • democratization of technology
Fully Realized Blog

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