Turning a Blog? into a Blog!

The assignment I tweeted about was actually a blogging assignment! My high school biology teacher had us write an end of year blog about a biology topic of our choice. I chose to do mine as a narrative, rather than a research paper, and my teacher was supportive of the strange format. While the assignment was fun to complete and exciting to see posted, it was a format only visible to those in the class, and we did not have to engage with the blog posts of our fellow classmates. I would take this assignment a step further as a biology teacher and make the blog truly public, perhaps by tweeting links to the posts from my own Twitter account, or having students share their blog posts on their own social media. As a class we could then have a “viewing contest” to see whose blog can get the most page views, with the winner getting a few bonus points on the assignment. Not only would this encourage them to create a truly polished and interesting blog post, but also it would allow them an opportunity to share a topic they are truly interested in, potentially interesting other young people in science and starting meaningful conversations online.

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